Are you more of a thinker or a feeler?

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When making a decision, do you rely more on logic and reason or on your emotions?

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Do you often find yourself analyzing situations and people's behavior?

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Are you more interested in understanding how things work or in understanding people's feelings?

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When someone shares their problems with you, do you tend to offer practical advice or emotional support?

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Do you prefer to plan and organize everything in advance or go with the flow?

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Are you more comfortable expressing your emotions or thoughts?

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Are you more likely to make a decision based on personal values or objective analysis?

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Do you tend to think about the implications of your actions on others or focus more on the task at hand?

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When solving a problem, do you prioritize finding a practical solution or considering the impact on people's feelings?

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Do you make decisions based on your gut instinct or after careful analysis?

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